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Have You Noticed Our New Address Format?

JHC is in Yuggera Country We’ve made a minor change to our address in the footer of our website.  We loved the idea and will be changing it throughout the company correspondence. You may not be aware, but Australia Post is in the process of updating its address formats to allow for the inclusion of […]

Happy Pride Month! And Beyond…

Our Pledge Now and Into the Future. . . JHC pledges to always work towards practising exceptional standards of inclusivity and acceptance within our company, not just to our LGBTIQA+ community.  While it may be Pride Month, and we are absolutely supportive of the community, we extend the same sentiment to everyone that works with […]

JHC Receives Ipswich City Council COVID-19 Funding

Once again, JHC has received a community grant from Ipswich City Council (ICC), enabling the company to diversify, grow and increase its resiliance during the downturn, caused by the pandemic. JHC began designing environmental monitoring and software tools with Melbourne firm D2K Information in November 2019.  Part of the cost of development of its first […]

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Systems Thinking as a Foundation for Teaching Quality Assurance

One of the most valuable skills in any employee is quality assurance (QA).  Any student reading this and wondering if they will ever get an interview, let alone a job; QA is the key.  It is the ultimate in transferrable skills.  If you can demonstrate an understanding and how to apply it, you’re not only […]

Phytoplankton Analysis: What is it? What does it take?

The market in environmental analysis is huge, and set to get bigger, with our water resources needing increasing management to support future sustainability. When you hear the term environmental analysis, it probably conjures up images of white-coated scientists, sitting at scientific instruments, streaking various growth media, or swirling beakers.  And you wouldn’t be far off […]

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