Cyanobacteria and Phytoplankton

  • Algal bloom mitigation and management
  • Ecological interactions, bloom dynamics, and water quality impacts
  • Analytical testing recommendations
    Cyanobacteria and other Phytoplankton Analytical Service (freshwater, brackish, marine)
    • In-house and contract services
    • Laboratory sample overflow service
    • Biovolume
    • Results interpretation
  • Sampling service
  • Research and development

Environmental Water

  • Consultancy and advice
  • Projects

Quality Assurance

  • Comprehensive service
    • Initial system design, implementation and set up;
    • Redesign and replacement of existing systems;
    • risk of, or loss of existing accreditation
  • Readiness assessment;
    • Systems exist, and need testing and troubleshooting;
    • Gap assessments prior to audit;
  • Process improvement;
    • Issues investigation
    • Workflow efficiency