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Hello! Welcome to Jarvis Hunt Consultancy training. The programs in our catalogue are currently in production and will be released in the near future. Please, take a moment to read about what I wish to create and then, answer a few questions to register your interest, in the form below.

JHC is creating a comprehensive, online, self-paced training program in the identification and analysis of freshwater cyanobacteria and other microalgae. Why? Because there aren’t any! This is a critical scientific skill and dying art. Yes, ART! Microscopy is still a foundation step for the discovery of new and novel species, and for routine analysis of water. If we don’t know how to identify it, we won’t know which taxa to isolate and focus further research on.

The courses are aimed at interested scientists, technicians, students, laboratories, or educational institutions with the interest or need in developing and enhancing these identification and analytical skills in a structured format. The courses may be taken as self-paced, or serve as the basis for a program curriculum for laboratories and educational institutions. This will make training more accessible, economical, and improve the consistency of analytical results within and between laboratories performing this analysis, and provide a foundation for others with an interest in microalgae as a career.

I am committed to creating training materials to the highest standard to support the professional development of analysts in this specialist field. To assist in achieving this and meeting market demand, I ask that you answer the questions below to let me know which courses interest you, and I’d also be interested in your suggestions for future courses or inclusions.

Once a course is released, I will be offering a selected number of respondents that expressed an interest in the courses, the opportunity to audit the course for free, in exchange for providing feedback to improve the quality and ensure they are meeting the needs of the industry.

I will keep you updated on the progress of the courses.

Lindsay Hunt
Director – Jarvis Hunt Consultancy

Thank you for registering your interest!

Please keep in contact via JHC’s social pages, or email us with any questions.