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Introduction to Cyanobacteria

This digital course is in development and currently not available as a self-enrollment and digital format. If you are interested in this course, please send us an email on our contact form or, subscribe to our mailing list to be notified when this and our other courses are ready to accept enrollments. Also, please follow and engage with us on our socials. Thank you.

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Using Systems Thinking for Total Quality Management - Foundation Course

This course is the HOW TO of quality to provide a foundation to build on, for ANY industry, not an overwhelming course about a particular standard or software. Quality and systems are the ultimate in transferable skills! This course covers key concepts and principles of quality and what it looks like in practice, systems and how they work, and how to design, troubleshoot, and fix them. We also look at records, how and when they are created, and stored, and ensure you can find them again. Then we give an overview of the role of internal documents, guidelines, standards, and legislation and how they work together and what audits are and what auditors look for! The course uses a systems theory perspective, using scenarios and examples to guide learning for practical skill development and application for any industry. Consider this the framework to understand and apply to any standard you may use, or you don’t need to use one at all. It’s just all common sense that you can apply, every day.

The course is for entry to intermediate level professionals and students that want to improve workflow efficiency, find, fix, and prevent recurring problems in their daily work, obtain a skill set for a future career in quality management or advancement, and improve their transferable skills for entering the workforce.

If you’d like to know more about why quality is a skill you need, check out our blog here.

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Education for all
As part of JHC’s services, we offer web-based training courses that cover a wide variety of topics from basic microscopy and quality assurance training to advanced cyanobacteria and phytoplankton identification and analysis. These courses are completely self-paced and include email support and a training record for each unit completed. We are also capable of creating customised courses upon request. Check back in the future as more courses will become available over time.
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