JHC Receives Ipswich City Council COVID-19 Funding

Once again, JHC has received a community grant from Ipswich City Council (ICC), enabling the company to diversify, grow and increase its resiliance during the downturn, caused by the pandemic.

JHC began designing environmental monitoring and software tools with Melbourne firm D2K Information in November 2019.  Part of the cost of development of its first product AlgaeWatch™, was met by the community funding program.  AlgaeWatch™ has now been released, has received some excellent feedback from clients trialing the system, and is available for demonstration.

AlgaeWatch assesses uploaded cyanobacterial and toxin analysis, and visual inspection data and calculates the alert level, based on the framework set out in the NHMRC Guidelines for Managing Risks in Recreational Water, saving valuable time and preventing inconsistent interpretation.  But, the real power of the tool is the customisation of the output messaging, and secondary processing of the data that allows the overlay of a utility’s own risk management strategies.  The system can have features added to fit a client’s needs; to allow alerts to be sent directly via email or SMS, and include annotations and checklists.  Risk management information, procedures to follow, and status of completion are centralised.

Designing monitoring and procedural algorithms is a diversification strategy for the company, enabling JHC to continue to grow in the past 18 months.  Programs such as the COVID-19 Ipswich Small Business Funding is a vital part of the sustain and recovery process and AlgaeWatch™ may not have been completed without it.  As CEO of JHC, I am personally very grateful to the ICC for its ongoing support of small companies like mine through these difficult times.

If you would like a demonstration of AlgaeWatch™, please get in touch with us here.  We’d be happy to give you a demonstration.