Happy Pride Month! And Beyond…

Our Pledge Now and Into the Future. . .

JHC pledges to always work towards practising exceptional standards of inclusivity and acceptance within our company, not just to our LGBTIQA+ community.  While it may be Pride Month, and we are absolutely supportive of the community, we extend the same sentiment to everyone that works with us now, in the future and to the wider community.  This includes all team members, clients, contractors, suppliers, and members of the public. Always.

Our corporate policies will always reflect standards that include, support, and protect all members of our team. As we grow, we will ensure;

  • Anti-discrimination and bullying policies protect all of our team members
  • All team members have a right to request considerations to their work conditions that are integral to their lives, culture, and abilities to support them in reaching their full potential
  • Parental, carers, other leave provisions, and flexible work conditions are available to and do not exclude any member of our team
  • Professional development is made available to all team members, and promotion opportunities are awarded strictly to the best qualified or experienced candidates
  • Pay rates and benefits are only based on awards, experience, and requirements of the role
  • Inclusivity, anti-discrimination, and anti-bullying training will be a priority of our on-boarding process
  • Inappropriate behaviour will be called out, not tolerated and dealt with immediately in line with zero-tolerance policies
  • Complaints will be heard and inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with immediately, with sensitivity, and within the bounds of legislation
  • Team members affected by inappropriate behaviour will be offered support and understanding

We all have people in our lives that identify with the LGBTIQA+ community, whether we know it or not.  Happy Pride Month!

We’re all human.  Be kind always.  Be respectful.  No judgement. And…Love is love!