Developers & Environmental Consultants

Are you developing or building a residential, industrial or recreational site that will include large-scale, man-made water features or other interruptions to the natural water system?

Artificial water bodies and courses create new ecologies that can differ from the natural ecosystem, posing particular challenges for maintaining water quality in the longer term.

Your environmental impact studies should include mitigation strategies for these potential risks to the aesthetic and functional objectives of your plans.

To help you understand what might happen when introduced flora and fauna interact with other nutrients and pollution collected in the local water, we can:

  • identify water quality changes and events that might occur
  • assess how the shape, depth, turbidity of the water and turnover will affect the physical and chemical profile of the water column
  • help you monitor and manage the issues that might reduce the attractiveness, useability and safety of the new water body

Partnering with Jarvis Hunt at the planning, development and review stages of a project adds value for your clients with reliable technical advice.

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