Councils, Bulk & Potable Water Supply

Are your in-house testing or external testing teams providing accurate data to help you comply with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and mandatory Drinking Water Quality Management Plans?

Regulatory frameworks at all government levels have imposed significant strain on the budgets, resources and, potentially, the infrastructure of bulk and potable water suppliers.

Jarvis Hunt Consultancy can help you determine what you need to make informed and timely decisions - safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

For example:

  • Do you have access to the right equipment and is it used correctly?
  • Can the analysts distinguish toxin-causing cyanobacteria from innocuous species so the best mitigation strategy is employed?
  • How do you manage the workload and workflow for this type of analysis productively?

With our extensive experience working in NATA and quarantine accredited production laboratories, we can help you coordinate scientific analysis and solutions to help you keep your water supplies safe and healthy.

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