Analytical Laboratories

Is your phycology laboratory equipped with the right resources and technical expertise to perform accurate phytoplankton analysis?

With Jarvis Hunt's help, you can ensure your in-house team knows how to identify the actual phytoplankton causing a client's problem - so the best mitigation and prevention strategy can be recommended.

With intensive and developmental training (in-house and online) we can enhance the microscopy and phycological analysis skills of your scientists and technicians to improve outcomes for your clients.

We can also help with recruiting the people best suited for the rigour of phytoplankton analysis, and setting up your lab as the optimal environment for retaining them.

Ask us about:

  • Micro-ecology consulting and analysis
  • Freshwater phytoplankton analysis, sampling, monitoring, training
  • Laboratory set-up and management practices
  • Staff recruitment, retention and training
  • Quality Assurance, NATA accreditation and ISO/IEC certification
  • In-house contract counting
  • Routine microbiological analysis of water, parasitology and forensic entomology

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